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Tiny Tots Daycare and Learning Center

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Welcome to Leaps and Bounds, your premium daycare center for your child in Summerville, SC. 
We provide top-quality services in our tiny tots daycare and learning center. Tint tots daycare services are safe and beneficial for kids between the age of 3-5. This helps the kids of that age learn, grow, and explore at their developmental stage. 

At Leaps And Bounds, we understand that every child is unique and different from the others; therefore, we offer personalized care to each child to ensure maximum support and growth for young angels. Selecting a safe and secure environment for your children while you work or attend to your daily activities is crucial, and our service is just right for you. 

Our experienced and licensed caregivers are trained to provide the little ones at young ages with a warm and welcoming environment. As parents, we understand that leaving your children at such an age can be difficult, so we ensure that the environment inside our tiny tots daycare and learning center feels like home. 

What to Expect at Our Tiny Tots Daycare and Learning Center?

Our program for tiny tots is designed to foster young children’s physical, emotional, and cognitive development. A number of activities are performed that engage their senses and stimulate their curiosity, like music and movement, art, and sensory plays. Our caregivers provide your child opportunities to explore and learn through play, which is essential for their development and growth.

Our professionally trained caregivers provide individualized attention to all of your child’s needs, including feeding, diapering, and comforting. The maintenance of your child’s routine and schedule is crucial; therefore, work with them to make the transition of your child from home to daycare smooth.

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Why Leaps and Bounds For Tiny Tots?

Leaps and Bounds is the best tiny tots daycare and learning center in the whole of Summerville, SC, for a number of reasons. Our commitment to providing exceptional care and education to your child is our best quality. We follow early education curriculums with trained staff to provide a safe learning environment. We offer a wide variety of programs and activities to cater to every child’s needs, and we feel sure you will find this one of the best centers in Summerville, SC. We always go above and beyond to provide a warm experience for parents and children. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Activities for Toddlers in Daycare?

There are many activities that toddlers can indulge in during daycare. Here are some examples: 

  1. Toddlers like to explore their creativity, so providing and allowing them materials such as paints, crayons, paper, glue, and scissors. These materials can be a fun way to allow toddlers to engage in creativity and express themselves.
  2. A critical part of a toddler’s day is playtime; therefore, daycare consists of a variety of playtime options, including indoor and outdoor games, sensory play, and manipulatives.
  3. Another important activity in daycare for toddlers’ is circle time, which is a time when the teacher gathers all the toddlers together to sing songs, read books, and engage in group activities. 
  4. Reading is an important part of daycare in terms of development in toddlers, and daycare providers often set aside time each day to read stories to the children.
  5. Toddlers are nonchalant; they love to dance and move their bodies, and daycare providers often involve music and movement activities in their daily routines. 
  6. Daycare providers provide dress-up clothes, toys, and props which can be a fun way for toddlers to engage in imaginative play and pretend to be different characters.
  7. For a toddler’s physical and mental development, outdoor activities are important. Daycare providers offer a safe and engaging outdoor atmosphere for children to explore.

What Age Are Tiny Tots?

The term tiny tots is not an exact age range, but it refers to children who are very young and at the age of development in physical, mental, and cognitive state. The range of age is between 1 and 3 for children to be considered tiny tots. Tiny tots are considered to be in the toddler state of development and children who are starting to explore the world around them.

However, tiny tots can also refer to small children who are not mobile and are finding ways to crawl, walk and move on their own.

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